Are smokers still cool?

It seems like cigarette smoking is being shunned by society. I feel like i’m treated like a leper when i am smoking in public. I remember when smoking was cool, i still think smokers look cool smoking. Except people with those bulky vaporizers, they just look like pansies.

Depends which sub-group you’re in.

When I was in rehab someone was like “I wish I never started smoking, it doens’t even give me a buzz anymore”

and i said

and he said 'That’s actually true"

among drug addicts and alcoholics its still cool, by people with MI it’s not uncool, but by the normiest normies, its definitely shunned. But i say ■■■■ em.


Well put, i suppose i may be biased, i used to look down on it when i was a normie

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Yeah so did I before I smoked or drank or anything.

Now I vape, that’s what all the cool kids are doing now though

I always thought there was a mixed opinion between smokers and non smokers. Ive met smokers who hate it, and non smokers who don’t mind at all, and vice versa. Being a smoker I think it’s awesome and cool looking. We look like bad asses.

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Cuz we ARE badasses


I don’t like people smoking anywhere near me. It smells absolutely vile and leaves a nasty stench. My root beer flavoured vape juice smells so much nicer.


Before i started smoking i liked the smell of cigarette smoke. A girl i dated did too, she was a non smoker, but she liked it when i smoked by her. Different strokes

I liked it when I used to smoke. Now, as a non-smoker, too much smoke will actually trigger violent nausea.

Maybe u r afraid of relapsing

Yeah the girl who took my virginity used to say “Let me smell you” after I smoked a cigarette. Thought that was weirdd.


No. I’ve craved cigs for years but the revulsion they trigger in me has kept me from going back down that road. Vaping was attractive because of nicotine without the horrible taste or smell. Oh, and blinky LEDs – love those.

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I am a nonsmoker, but there have been times when I thought someone looked cool smoking. But the costs to your health just aren’t worth it. I’ve heard people in AA say, “Being right all the time nearly killed me.” You could also say that about being cool. “Being cool all the time will kill me.”

I don’t think it ever was.
I only started smoking because I couldn’t smoke marijuana anymore.
Now I’m on and off have had 7 month+ break quits on e cigs and nicotine gum,
trying to quit again now.

to put it simply.
Is smoking cool.

26k p/a pension 12k a year on smokes more than my rent almost double.

is that cool? No, is travelling overseas for several months with 12k in pocket instead cool? ■■■■ yes, so I say no quitting smoking is cool and smoking in general is a deadbeat job thats stuck for addicts.
& creates to much mishap, smell, cost, health, friends.

A trend that I see amongst younger people is that they consider smoking as a part of ‘being in the group’ and setting that ‘revolted image’. As the age goes up peope tend to quit smoking - that is if they can.
I’m glad I quit. A smell of cigarette now causes a strong nausea in my stomach so obviously I don’t like when someone is vaping in my face.

Also I consider smoking near the children a form of abuse. And I’m all for limiting such behavior in public.

I’m a smoker and agree, whenever kids are around I make a attempt to go smoke away from them. I grew up when most everyone around me smoked, parents had us rolling there smokes, all the other crap in my family it was bound to happen.

I think its good here they have it hidden, they have stopped advertising it etc, may not save all but out of sight, out of mind .

Wish I could quit, but will probably take it to my grave. Sitting here alone day after day, month after month etc, I would reach insanity if I tried, so hooked would go without food before cigs. Sad but true, there is nothing cool about it, it stinks, makes you feel like crap. How could it be cool?

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Why do you care? Research has actually shown that nicotine helps with disorganized and negative symptoms.

Solution for that is vaping not smoking, smokes have a lot of hazardous additives in them.

Um… Oopsie? What did I say lol

A tad offensive remark.