Are sleeping tablets something best avoided or are they a great cure for insomnia

I can never get to sleep at night and am awake 3, 4, 5 hrs after I initially went to bed. This is ridiculous…are sleeping tablets the answer…or will they leave me f*cked up.

give them a try u can always stop them.

I think that if they are used to help facilitate getting into a healthy sleep pattern that is ok. However they should not be seen as a long term solution.

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My doctor occasionally prescribes them for me, but I find after a few days of usage that I become dependent on them to initiate sleep. So I stopped asking for them. They say exercise/physical activity helps with sleep issues, I don’t know how true that is though, just not too soon before bed time.

I take trazadone, an antidepressant that works also as a non addictive sleep aid…most of your sleep aids are addictive, which is why I love my trazadone…without it I wouldn’t ever get any sleep…

they helped me to get back into a sleeping pattern, i took half a tablet every night for two weeks, they helped me heaps…
take care

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Nothing like quit sounds help me sleep

Way back in the day I took them to at least get into the habit of sleeping at night and being awake in the day. But after that they sort of stopped working.

I do have a pretty physical job and I love it when I come home tired enough that I can just crash. If not, then a long walk or a swim will help tire me out enough

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My son is prescribed Trazodone for sleep on an as needed basis.

I have a prescription for sleeping pills. I take half of what is prescribed and in the beginning I took them about 3 times a week. Other nights take melatonine. It took time but slowly it is getting better as I retrain my body to a better sleep schedule. Worrying about not sleeping can cause insomnia symptoms. I also learned that waking up a couple of times at night is actually pretty normal. I don’t think they will mess you up if you are careful with them. Getting a good night sleep can make a big difference and might help to ease your anxiety over it.

My old clinical nurse prescribed trazodone for me when i was having trouble sleeping but after switching to several different prescribers i’m now taking my anti-psychotics at night with clonidine to help with sleep and nightmares.

Melatonin is a natural, non-habit forming sleep aid. You can get it in up to 5mg tablets and in timed release, like 20mins and it kicks in. I sometimes take a melatonin and I sleep well on it. I also sleep well without it, I just take a while to fall asleep sometimes and take one and an hour later I am fast asleep. I dont take it all that often, usually only if I didnt workout that day and napped or slept late the night before and arent all that tired.

My friend who has some drug problems uses zquill (its like nyquill without the cold medicine) and he says it works. It sounds too strong and would probably interfere with my meds, so I dont event think about it.

You can ask the pharmacist at walgreens if any item in the store will interact badly with your medications. I asked the pharmacist before buying multivitamins, for example.