Are schzipherenics very smart

It is a stereotype, smart schizophrenics would have been even smarter if they didn’t have it.


Anybody coping to any extent with this disease is either a smart cookie or a prize fighter.


Na I’m pretty stupid


Yea I’m very average

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I would love to say I’m smart but the conditions I live under say otherwise.

I was a bit brighter before I got ill, at least that was my impression. A few years after the onset of major depression, I began having trouble reading that I’d never had before. Everyone ignored my complaints, pretty much, until I ended up having an episode and hospitalized.

We might appear smarter in reality if we actually left the house more but I know how tough that can be.

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I know I’m not very intelligent. :stuck_out_tongue:

I would say the level of intelligence varies just like any other human being.


people have always treated me like I was really stupid. even though I have a bachelor of science degree in a difficult area. I had a Stanford Binet IQ test a couple years ago, because they lie about me all the time. it said I was in the top 2.66% of the population. but one of the perverts harassing me all the time, knew I was taking the test and harassed me the whole time. I think I could have been in the top 2%, which qualifies you for Mensa, if the pervert would have left me alone, because I was hurrying.

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No, it is tottaly propaganda of the medicine. Beautifull mind, Churchil was deppresed and so on.
Really in the hospital people really ■■■■■■ up, me too. So stop believing in fairy tailes and drinik the fucken pills.

Most sz’s/sza’s are not very smart because they have cognitive deficits. As I do. My IQ is just average. Before I got this illness, I was pretty smart.

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Compared to…? Humes find value in the oddest of things.

I suffered a 20 point decline.


Im not as smart as my bunnies

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Im suspicious people have abilities I lack ( mainly that I can’t guard my thoughts from others), so I feel very stupid at times. But then pdoc’s and nurses think I may have Asperger’s too. When I asked why they said it’s because of my dameanor and intellect. But I’m suspicious people want me to think I’m smart so I look like a fool. But im smart enough to know that I could be wrong and that what I said is paranoia/a delusion. Im always in a limbo state. I told someone that sz will either make me a blabbering fool or make me fairly wise. Idk.


Schizophrenia usually causes a decline in IQ, around one standard deviation (20 points). I used to have a 147 IQ, now it’s 126. Brain inflammation sucks.


That. That’s the cold reality of all this.

no, we have cognitive impairment. those with insight can recognize this, those without live in blissful ignorance.