Are schzipherenics very smart

My grandpa died ,he was schzipherenic,it came from anxiety because he won the lotery and he went and played poker on new year event and lost all the money,tell me about how did you get;i would like to know ,and my grandpa was very smart ,and he likes to read and study


I don’t know what I have but I know that I’ve had problems with depression since I was 12. It was because I was bullied a lot and had no friends. Also, I have an undiagnosed reading issue of some sort. I read very slow, it does not sound fluent. I was made fun of this a lot and told I should be ashamed of myself. Well I was ashamed, lonely and because of this, I had issues with depression and suicidal thoughts. Then about two years ago, I started getting panic attacks out of the blue for silly reasons (like people standing too close to me or being too loud) and I started seeing things that weren’t there. No real reason for it. My life is stressful because I am the mom of four kids, but that didn’t change in the past two years.

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I’ve been on this site for less than two months and wasn’t certain what to expect. I can honestly say, from what I’ve read, people on here are very intelligent. Many are well-educated and have or have had very prestigious careers.

Some people may struggle to think because of the sz or because of their medication, though.


I really feel sorry for you ,do get phsychotic sometimes,i want to ask a question ,my grandpa had schzipherenia can my mom develop diffrent mental Illness because my mom is bipolar and when i ask her she tells me i drank formol by accident its somthing that it is a liqiud that they put for dead bodies because she thought it was water and she was a studying nurse in a hospital and that developed her bipolar and she was treated for many years and now she takes a lot of meds

Yeah schzipherenics are giunuses but the problem is emotional numbness

I don’t know if you can get bipolar disorder from drinking that, but you can be more inclined to get mental illnesses because of substance abuse. Also, mental illness can run in families. Both my sister and I have schizoaffective disorder, and my daughter has bipolar disorder.

I think both of my parents are very smart and I believe they’re undiagnosed schizophrenics. I’m not that bright myself due to my drug abuse but I do believe schizophrenics are smart individuals.

I am bipolar but now i recovered and i am gettinh better and i feel i am a normal person but now i worried about my kids to get schzipherenia,i am 15 years old ,i dont know if i am going to get kids

I think when a human gets older he would become more opened minded but some get more than usual and start to think negativly because there body strength decreases

I now opened minded because my emotions have not fully recovered but they are getting better by time

I think every body should live his life age and increase his creativity

Having kids is worthwhile, and I don’t regret it, even though my daughter has bipolar. I like to think that she will lead a productive life despite her struggles. She has plans to go to college. She just got into a great school and got a really good grant and scholarship. She has a nice chance. She wants to major in ceramics, and she has a lot of people supporting her if she chooses to utilize that network of support.

You will always have bipolar disorder. It never goes away, though you can be stable. You’ll have to become familiar with signs of a relapse so you can quickly get help if you need it. There are things you can avoid to decrease your risk of schizophrenia- don’t do drugs, for example. That’s a biggie. A lot of people on here learned the hard way that doing drugs can lead to mental illness.

I feel normal right now ,how old is your daughter ?

My 1 treatment was very stable and i dont take meds and i am normal ,i took risperdal for 1 year and zoloft for 6 months

Dopamine controls our minds

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My daughter just turned 18.

Even though you feel normal now, if you have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, you need to be aware that it never goes away. Be vigilant and keep an eye out for signs of depression, isolation, mania, or moodiness. If you feel suicidal, don’t hesitate to get help if you need it, but never wait until the situation is critical if you can avoid it.

my bipolar was treated directly when it developed ,i had hormonal imbalance i was very hypersexual

Mania is the best

I had mania more than manic depression , and anxiety and high blood pressure

Sorry to burst your bubble. Just the other day I remember reading an article on the forum about cognitive declines in individuals with schizophrenia. 70% of schizophrenics suffer from decrease in IQ of more than 10 points after schizophrenia onset.