Are psychiatrists worth $200 for 20 minutes work?

In my humble opinion…NO. That’s how much they gat paid in the Republic of Ireland. Theyre on a private sector rate of €150 for 20 minutes which equates to over $200 for 20 minutes. That’s criminal…


tbh i think recovery is life long and not just twenty minutes lol

Compared to other physicians/specialists, psychiatrists don’t make nearly as much as certain cardiologists or neurologists or even plastic surgeons/dermatologists - I have never met a psychiatrist that was a multi millionaire - they make good money but they really have to rely on volume - the more patients they have, usually the richer they become - they have to deal with a lot. In my opinion, there are not enough really good psychiatrists. The psychiatric field usually does not attract the best and brightest

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The psychiatric field usually does not attract the best and brightest

I totally agree with you. But I don’t know how the psychiatrist I refer to became one. I mean if he really wanted to be a psychiatrist or he didn’t get any other specialization. I find him bit sarcastic but his treatment has helped me. He even accepted my suggestion on meds.

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I love my current psychatrist, she really knows her meds. She happens to be the best and brightest, but I think that this is a rarity. She works with me and does listen to her patients - she never over prescribes, like many psychiatrists do

private psychiatrist will get over 200 but I think state provided psychiatrists gets less or maybe they are on salary. that’s why state proved psychiatrists don’t care much about their patients. I see my pdoc for 10 minutes. within that 10 minutes he is filling out paperwork and putting my medication in the computer to be picked.

I think good psychiatrists have your best interest in mind, but $200 is way too much for 20 minutes. I’ve had 3 psychyatrists. The first cost me $20 for 30-45 minutes. The second cost $100 for 1 hour. And the third was free. The 1st and the 2nd were the best, the 1st having good advice, and the 3rd having a good knowledge of medication.
edit: “1st and the 2nd were the best” should be “1st and the 3nd were the best” The second was horrible

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Considering what I’ve put my psychiatrist through these past years… what he’s talked me down out of… he did visit me in hospital when I came very close to leaving this life… that and all our other good times?.. sure… why not.

He works through the hospital… he’s not private practice and the patient load I’m sure get’s a bit thick.

I thought I had it rough!! SOrry to hear that, Karl.

I had the same pysch for ten years. So I built up a relationship with him. Then he retired in 2013! I was pretty upset as I had to go through the whole process with a new pysch and this one " was horrible" pulled faces laughed at me, no time for you just upped meds and sent you on your way!
After my relapse this yr, I am now under a "new pysch " who after a few visits I’m beginning to trust. He’s helping me and is actually Interested in my mental health and seems to care.

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If your car mechanic charged this much, but he did not actually fix your car but kind of put Band-Aids on it and kept having you come back for more appointments, what would you think of the situation?

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From what I understand, psychiatry can be very punishing work. I had a college professor who told us that once you’ve been a therapist for six months, the whole world starts to look like a cess pool. I don’t know if psychiatrists do enough good to rate that kind of pay, though.

Then there are those horrible after work side effects that they have to deal with.