Are preworkouts safe with antipsyhotic medication

thats funny, cardio is boring to me. my theory is if you high reps you doing cardio i 12 reps and lots of sets. Thats way i get cardio. little rest hiit interval i thats what is called. The best way to burn fat HIIT training i order book before. I used be a personal trainer, i was certified by afaa years ago. Cardio very counterproductive building muscle, you wont build muscle on cardio only, the best way it intense training. From experience I tried it all. High intensity is best.

I don’t have energy problems I just can’t handle the heart rate of aerobics anymore. You can monitor your heart rate on a treadmill and mine just gets too high now. It used to be lower.

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I do cardio because it does wonders for my mental health.

There are also many physical benefits

stick with weight training

anything that works for you. If like cardio im not hating. It just personal choice, from experience i respond by intense workouts.

Ah, yes. I had forgotten about the geodon heart thing…

I never had any problems working out on geodon. Idk… it’s been so long…

geodon rare case, rapid heart beat, i never have thanks god. Geodon perfect med for me to lose weight. I have diabete, now its controlled and High blood pressure also controlled this was from taking APS that made gain weight trying reverse everything now, its going to take alot of hard work, time, dedication, commitment, belief in god and desire. I have the desire, huge desire to be shape. Its exciting, im picturing myself built with muscle, lean. I thought it would be impossible, i have hope now.

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