Are people who use this forum more functioning then people on the family sz fourm?

I read some dreadful stories about people with SZ/SZA in the family forum about peoples children not coping well and they seem less functional. Just does being here make us more functional?

The simple math is that 20% of the 1% don’t respond to medications as well as most here. It’s heartbreaking when you read some of those stories and most people who we see able to use the net and boards are higher functioning for sure.


What’s even worse is when those poor people think we have some secret method to save their loved one.


I think it does.

The stories there scare me and remind me of when I was delusional and truly ill.

Then they make me think I should never ever tell anybody I meet in the future that I’m schizophrenic.

In the case of our forum attracting higher functioning folks, maybe the forum filters out the worse off folks because they simply can’t operate it or are too paranoid to trust that anybody here is a real person.

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I used to post the occasional article there. It’s been quite a while since I last did that.

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I have not read there, but I know how much of a horror story the early days of this illness was.

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I’m staying out of there. All I will do is give people false hope.


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