Are people really so ignorant?

Because I am in a chair I need to use a handicap stall at stores, while at Target yesterday I wheeled in and parked in the furthest stall. As I get ready to take the seat, someone beats on the door and says “You got a ■■■■■ in there!?”

I did not answer, next thing I know the door swings open and there’s this guy standing, with a camera pointed at me and says “You aint some damn Queergender are you, stand up and show me what you got!”

So I promptly threw my cell phone, screamed bloody murder and two guys come running in, one grabs the camera guy and shouting at him and the other closes the stall door.

Target called the cops, the guy was arrested, for the third time in two weeks for the same offense. Only apparently last week he was following short haired women into the rest room intent on finding perverts. (apparently video taping the whole things)

I’m not trying to be political, really, but my paranoia is out of control now, I keep expecting some video of me to pop up on the internet.

this is my opinion on bathrooms. If you are using for its intended purpose, go for it. Cant tell you how many times ive had to walk into a ladies restroom with my baby sister and my best friends daughter, (because they are both terrified of public restrooms)


That is so messed up, i’m sorry you had to go through that. makes me not want to use public restrooms. Sounds like the guy was on a one man crusade to be an ■■■■■■■. (pardon the language).


i really think you should consider not going to this store anymore (no offence)


Ever since you’ve become wheelchair bound, bizarre things have been happening to you. I don’t get it. We treat the disabled here in Canada with respect.

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I don’t think it had anything to do with the chair, and something to do with the fact that because of the steroids, anti depressants and anti psychotics I have a B cup breast…I admit I do look like a heavy set woman if you don’t pay attention to the beard…

Apparently this guy is with a group that calls themselves the American Ethics Group, they claim to be for the rights of the Christian family, but have been video taping people in the bathroom and posting it to the internet. the saddest part is there are women in this group video taping other women in the restrooms, posting it to the internet (someone said the videos were originally on youtube until it got caught by the moderators and pulled) all the while claiming they ae figting for the rights to womens privacy and safety in the public restrooms!

actually I have had this happen before, before I was in a chair, but that was some 20 something douchenozzel who was part of a neo Nazi type group…and it was in my college after the campus made a rule allowing students to use the bathroom they were most comfortable with (oddly it didn’t get any attention at all outside the school and this was just 6 years ago)

On a good note, my GF went to her doc and he says there is a 70% chance she is indeed pregnant!

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I don’t know what to type. I’m simply lost. I can’t even put myself to read the replies. At least I read the first post. Few months ago I came to know “Anhedonia” and I’m happy that my condition is least understood and it comes in bits and pieces… I can’t even jot down what I think. Today I came to know “Avolition”. What a pity.

Edit: I’m happy because my Attitude/Personality/Behavior is not wrong. The ==== big picture ==== is, it’s called ==== Schizophrenia ====

In a movie called “Special id” Chinese movie in English… The Hero says… Sometimes when we are looking at the bigpicture we miss attention to details. How true.

I don’t have the === Big picture of Schizophrenia === I also can’t === pay attention to details of Schizophrenia ====

This sounds like something from the Twilight Zone. I’m sorry this happened to you. The guy you talk about is seriously unbalanced. I hope he can recover.


There are some absolute idiots out there

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I honestly don’t get why my life works the way it does. I finally, after months of waiting, get my spinal transplant, and true to my whole life, within a week, the ■■■■ hits the fan…every single time something good happens to me, something just as bad happens after…

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Nothing like chaos to ruin a good moment.
Hope your luck changes @Dremulf…and hope it’s not too early to congratulate you and your GF, maybe a baby is what will tip your luck into the good.

I’m really confused as to why the people with the cameras in the bathroom don’t seem to think they are by far the bigger problem?

In a small town just outside of Paris they hold a kind of a flea market-swap of photographic equipment, and the only bathroom within walking distance was for both sexes, urinals lined up along the wall in the front, stalls in the back.
Was amusing to see the look on the men’s face as us women strolled on by.
Didn’t bother me the least bit to have both sexes, it was located inside the police station.

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