Are people getting vaccines?

I have a certain fear that the guy in charge of viccinations at my clubhouse doesn’t like me for a certain reason and is withholding that they’re giving out vaccines now.

Most places only health departments and pharmacies are giving them out.

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There’s a pharmacy in the clubhouse that he’s told everyone is giving it out but it’s been forever and no news on when it’s here.

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I just got the second Pfizer shot today.
I went to the DOH website in my state and filled out the registration form. They notified me when it was ‘my turn.’

Idk if you’re in the states, but if you are, look up your Department of Health website. That’ll at least give you some information. I hope. :slight_smile:

My mom and dad just made their appointments for the end of march

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My gosh, though! This second shot makes me achy.
I hope it doesn’t get any worse.
I just repeat to myself, “this is temporary.”

We are a long ways off in Australia but we’ve done well with keeping things in check…ie an ocean locked country where you can control incoming virus holders. Still. I’d like a jab just to be sure.

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I’m waiting. Her Senior Center said they would come over and shoot us both, but then delay after delay. It pushes my fear buttons.

I had my first Pfizer dose 2 weeks ago

Just have to wait another 2 months for my second jab

I would get it if i could.

Our government finally managed to get their hands on 50 bars worth and only paid for 10, the other 40 mil is in someones ferrari ! Corruption at its finest !

As an expat, I fall between the cracks and are not eligble for it. I have to wait until I can afford an allergy test anyways, because I’m allergic to some medical components and need an extensive, updated list of what exactly they are so I can be sure I won’t react to something in the vaccine

Hello beru, I sees your profile private nowadays. Was that always? Sorry if it seems I’m harassing. Hope you are well! Lmk if public convo is not your style!

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Berru though, was my fav name on this site. Its got so much grace in SA.

I was not aware my profile was private :open_mouth:
How do I undo that?

Ask of the mods and they’re supreme powers… Not moose…

I can’t even find a place to get it for my grandmother. I spent 2 hours the other day trying to track it down. I called the health department for 2 hours straight hitting redial until the phone battery died. I need it too I have scars on my lungs from a case of pneumonia 20 years ago. I also have asthma.

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