Are pdocs quacks?

are they…


You get a good one you hang onto them!

I’m lucky. Ended up with a great psydoc. See him max 15 minutes every 6 weeks…unless I cancel which happens so max every 3 months.

A good psydoc knows you and your symptoms. He’s seen me rabidly psychotic. He’s seen me relatively sane. Our conversations are often about cricket. We both follow cricket and he tests me out how my thinking is. It all flows pretty smoothly but If I’m not doing good he’s proactive and listens and helps me out if I want to try something different.

NO. They aren’t quacks and getting a good one is great for your treatment. My shrink says to his interns, it’s a craft and it really is. Hardest job in medicine!


No usually they know what they do but are a**holes.


There are some who are, I don’t like them I can see right through their bs. People who don’t even take the time to tell you about medications or listen to your opinion, or who stops meds without tapering or just plain rude individuals who talk down to you. Had a doctor at a hospital like that and she frustrated almost everyone on her caseload. A doctor of any specialty can be a quack. My outpatient pdoc is fine personally.

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There are some doctors that are quacks, but not all of them.

Got to be careful when selecting any kind of doctor.

Some are psychopaths or power driven.


My new pdoc is superb. My last one. The one that abruptly left practice and left me hanging for year was nothing more than a stiff necked business man. Generally I wouldn’t call any physician a quack but some should 're-examine their motives for practicing medicine.

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At AA I met a man with a third grade education whose family was into dentistry. His family made false teeth and so on. And when someone needed dental work but couldn’t pay the going rate, there was Dave to do the work.


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I think all mental health workers are assholes

Edit: i’d love to hear what they say about us behind our backs… big babies idiots lazy pussies etc

nope, ducks have bills. The pdoc sends you the bill. a true quack wouldnt give you his bill.
quack quack quack

levels Jibberish for the day :face_with_monocle:


@karl, No sir, pdocs are not quacks. They are specialists in diseases of the psyche. If you get a good one, hang on to him or her. I had an excellent pdoc, who happened to be from India, for 21 years. He helped me immensely. He retired. My present pdoc is very good too.

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@karl, In my experience, pdocs treat you nicer and more politely if you are recovered and stable, or in full remission from your MI. That’s just been my personal experience. It seems like I was treated like royal s-it by health care workers and even by pdocs when I was very sick. Now that I’m in full remission, Everyone is so nice, kind and polite it is unreal. What a drastic change!!!


Because they don’t know what we say behind their backs… a**holes, hypocritical, executioners, misers, normies… :slight_smile:

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Psychiatry is a real medical field today, but unfortunately, the tainting of Freud and other psychoanalysts have left the field with huge stigma. Added to this is the fact that psychiatry gets mixed up a lot with psychologists, who have many more quacks and weak research methods.

There are those who oppose most medicating of patients in favor of psychotherapy, and those who oppose psychotherapy in favor of medication. I am sure both have their place, but like many areas of medicine, psychological disorders are poorly understood, and even more poorly treated, by medical science. That is a huge reason the field as a whole is looked down upon. What a lot of people don’t realize is that much of medicine is not far ahead of psychiatry in this regard. If you really think about it, cutting out entire organs and cutting off limbs or other significant parts of your body to treat cancer could be seriously compared to performing a lobotomy (I don’t believe they are equal in utility, just throwing out the statement to demonstrate how far medicine still has to go in refining treatments.)

The bottom line is psychiatry is a real, valuable field of medicine, with a huge body of knowledge still waiting to be discovered, and treatments will only improve as understanding of the causes of psychiatric disorders continues to improve. Psychiatry will probably always have a stigma, both for historical reasons like Freud and for modern problems like over-reliance on drugs. However, its limited ability to correct problems, or even fully understand why they occur, makes it not so different from any other medical specialty.


Some maybe, not all.

I had one when I was in college who, after causing my breakdown, came out with the statement that I hadn’t needed a psychiatrist to begin with. So, his motives were not good. In fact they were sickening.

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