Are online video games a good recovery tool?


For not isolating yourself by using mmos. Or to begin to rewire your brains reward system? Any experience positive or negative with this idea?

Im going to start playing WoW to see if it helps me fo things again. Im already bored and rather be sleeping, but gotta try something

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I’m scared of MMOs for two reasons, one is hallucinating things with chat, and another is that they are mad addictive.

I wasted years of my life on MMOs. I still want to play online games though, just not super addictive ones. The kind you can play for an hour and put away, without some long commitment as with guilds / teams.

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I played some FFXIV right around when the latest expansion came out. For about a month I had endgame gear. Made friends with a small guild that invited me in. It was nice to have folks to chat with, it was before I found this forum. I had a tendency to spend too much in the shop though. I stopped for that reason and try to just play online console games.


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