Are normies secretly screaming "Hurt me" when they are afraid of us?

Because I have been known to want to get hurt just to stimulate the boredom. So, sock it to me.

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No, they just don’t want to be dragged down.

I think I try too hard to not be depressing.

Haha, for some reason your post reminded me of when I was in high school and me and my dad were getting into it and I was like “HIT ME!”:joy: don’t know why it’s funny looking back at it now.

Really, if I thought it would help, I’d say “hurt me” here in the house. I think one of the girls would be willing to take a swing at me. I should ask her. lol.

In the house? One of the girls? What kind of living situation do you live in? If you don’t me asking…

I live in an adult foster care home.

Ohhh okay, interesting

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