Are negative symptoms caused by the meds or by the illness itself

do the meds cause my unsociability or is it caused by schizophrenia itself

Could be either. Side effects usually exacerbate negatives.


I think the illness is a primary factor, but that can be exacerbated by the medication .


I think its the illness because bipolars also take antipsychotics and they dont have increased rates of asociality.


Negative symptoms can accompany bipolar with psychosis.


I have a friend who says her pdoc diagnosed her sza but I personally think she is more bipolar both because her symptoms are more bipolar, and because she tested negative on the hollow mask test. And that test has an over 99% accuracy rate. But, I never argue with her.

whats the hollow mask test?

@karl, it’s a test to see if you are truly sz or sza.

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is depression the only difference between the two

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Mood symptoms are the only difference between sz and sza.

The hollow mask test shows whether a person is sz or not. Period.

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Where do i find this test?


Look it up on Google. Hollow Mask Test.


I’m “fooled” by the hollow mask test and I have schizophrenia. So the test doesn’t work for everyone.

If it did we’d have to give the person who discovered it a nobel prize.


Admittedly, it doesn’t work on 1% of the sz/sza population who take the test.

What are u supposed to see though. I did it now. What am I looking for

Read the directions that come with the test. I can’t tell you the answer to that. You have to read the material.

You’re not “supposed” to see anything. All you’re supposed to do is be honest and report what you do see and go on that. Interpret the test according to what you honestly do see.

More than 1% fail it, according to different articles. It isn’t definitive, but is just one more tool. I fail, but am absolutely sza and have been for most of my life.

So if i see the hollow or the face?

Which one means im SZ?