Are my temper tantrums ADD?

I’ve noticed for a long time that when anyone or anything demands of me to the point of an extra effort, I get fierce headache followed by an angry outburst. Not up to the challenge? Why not? And I’m beginning to think it’s a matter of not being able to focus on the task. Does this make sense?

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I have ADD. It takes longer to absorb materials. Tell me a couple of few times so I get it. I will have to work harder in school this fall. I have to read and reread and reread.

I was putting groceries in my car for an elder friend and when she had more packages than I had anticipated, I lost my temper and then, when she got the seat belt twisted, I got mad again when I struggled to fix it.

Anyone can be impatient and throw a temper tantrum when things don’t go according to the plans in their head. That isn’t only for those who are ADD?ADHD.
Do you find yourself getting angry at others when they become needy, because that was never allowed for you growing up?

Yes, and I should realize this more thoroughly and not just react like my old mother.

I was told that ADD/ADHD makes your feelings exaggerated a little. Like something that should make you a little mad actually make you go apesh!t. Same for happy, something that should only make you a little happy actually makes you fart rainbows, sh!t gold and vomit leprechauns.


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Too funny!

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