Are my parents right

So I been taking medication since June 18. The pills have helped me hear less voices but I still hear them especially when I’m around alot of people. The people in the hospital diagnosed me with schizoaffective disorder. My parents thinkj that this is just pshycois and it will go away after a year or two. My parents also think that I shouldn’t go out anywhere and that I should stay inside and let my brain heal. They even think that running or.jogging makes the voices come out more. I just don’t understand why my parents think that they know more then the doctors at the hospital.


They don’t. They’re well meaning, but listen to the doctors.


The same was with my mother. She thought i got just psychosis from weed and was really furious and misbehaved with me. After couple of relapses finally she realized how serious it is


I relate to this. My mum is in denial about the severity of my illness. She means well but I worry what will happen when she realises how severe and chronic my condition is… she just thinks I’m depressed


Social interaction is key to healing, whereas isolation although comfortable for some lowers intelligence and is unrewarding.

Friends and personal relationships are integral to healing, so although your parents mean well, they like the majority of society are ill informed about the sz condition.

Take things easy in that don’t plan public speaking so soon after diagnosis like a best man at a wedding as this might stress you out, but don’t feel you have to isolate yourself from the world.


I agree with what the others said here. Also, running really helped my mental health improve. Locking you up is not going to help. You’ve not been on your new medication long, give it time and things should improve for you.

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Everyone here has made a good point. Don’t take it laying down. The more you do to help yourself, the better