Are most of you middle-aged men?

just asking… -a 16yo girl

I’m neither of those things, but to a 16 year old, maybe 32 seems like middle age lol.

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this site is mixed… im 36 female

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Most of the people look around 40-50yo according to the selfie thread (not to be judgmental)

Wow. That’s pretty insulting to our members.

i’m sorry just delete this i didnt mean to be insulting

Is there something wrong with being a middle-aged male?

no there isn’t. I was just curious

I’m saying that saying everyone looks middle aged is insulting to the younger folks. We have a LOT of younger members

You’re 16. Everyone looks old to you. But you can keep it to yourself. No one wants to hear they look older.

And yes, I’m middle aged but female.

Edit, sorry, commented before I saw it closed.