Are moral decisions best made by rational thinking?

I read Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged also when I was younger. She had a good way of narration. Like you could feel her voice. I would love to be an author like her, though not as political. Just released a book of mine on etsy.

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great! what genre?

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Dystopian young adult science fiction!!

ohh wow.

that sounds neat. I’ve written lots of young adult too.

have you read Lois Lowry? I read the whole series.

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I haven’t read Lois Lowry I don’t think. I recently got a book by Isaac Asimov I think it was, the original master of science fiction.

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I think some people make their moral decisions based upon whatever the crowd may approve of. Others are more individualistic, and probably gave the matter more independent thought

A perfect example would be a friend of mine who thinks there is a moral contradiction in being born homosexual. His views are based completely and solely on his upbringing.

On the other hand, I was raised with all the same views, yet once I met people who are homosexual, that early childhood brainwashing vanished for me completely. It is now based upon personal experience of those who I have met, rather than the crowd mentality

And when I say crowd mentality, I mean the microcosm in which he lives, not the macrocosm of society as a whole