Are Mental Disorders Brain Diseases or Trauma Reactions?

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No idea but I had a great upbringing. Full of love and support but still got sz and started to go downhill at puberty. Up till then I was successful in a lot of things but looking back on it I had a great life but that sz was still there.

So. In my instance I wouldn’t say trauma had anything to do with my later problems. It was genetic for sure and inevitable.


I was a sensitive child with low tolerance to stress. My life sucked!

What I’m trying to say is that I had a loaded gun (my genes). A lot of stress and psychological issues pulled the trigger (psychosis).

If I had a good upbringing and didn’t do stupid ■■■■ I would be sane today, I’m quite sure of it.

I’m not saying stress isn’t a trigger but the commonly agreed upon explanation is an environmental process like trauma hits a genetic trigger. Just skimmed that article and not sure it’s valid.

Trauma itself does serious damage to our world. I’m not arguing against that.

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I think that like basically everything there are multiple factors. They all conspire together to give us this bs we have.

I interact with Huda and a few others a bit. He’s right about the article. It explains things very well

Sz is definitely a brain disease. Plenty of people have traumatic youths but never develop a serious mental illness.

I like the concept of 80% nature. 20% nurture.