Are medicinal herbs proven to work and how?

There are two theories of how medicinal herbs work, one is bio-chemical synthesis the other is energetic imprinting, neither has been substantiated, but people continue to take them without asking what the mechanism is. Does this matter? On whose authority should we be taking medicinal herbs?

All supplements and herbs should be used under the supervision of a qualified medical doctor.



There are now several studies confirming the effectiveness of Rosemary. I have it running constantly in diffusers at home now, especially in my office when working.

Some herbal remedies are legit.

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Rosemary’s dope, its good with steak and breakfast patties.

And multiple choice exams.

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Yeah I dont get that. Pdocs have no expertise what so ever about supplements. Im sure they have never heard of your supplement. As far as they are concerned no there is no supplement to help with schizophrenia

Yeah, because they don’t study pharmacology at all while they’re becoming doctors nor do they have access to medical literature and studies on supplementation.


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