Are genes and medication based therapeutic approaches overrated?

Despite the research out there, I think that blaming schizophrenia on genes is very reductionist. It takes the sense of accountability and hard work of changing thinking habits away from the patient… it’s the easy way out. It’s also less empowering. I think contributors to psychosis could be wrongful beliefs, bad family socialization patterns, maladaptive thinking, and different personal experiences. I think schizophrenia is hard to treat because people are really complex and therapists can’t read their minds and know them very well… only as much as what the patient is aware of. It takes a lot of self knowledge to know unconscious processes, and the metaphorical reality of patients and how they interpret the world around them which manifest itself into psychosis.

Psychotherapy is way too expensive for me. Does anyone else think that current research is looking in the wrong direction too simplistically?

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I agree, that there could be subsets of schizophrenia caused by immune system inflammation, genes, etc. But just wondering though. If I blame it all on the genes, it makes me feel disempowered to make changes. What do you guys think?

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