are geese used for attack as well?

how is that possible geese are used to attack ? how police are able to train them. I have seen one post in this forum some one share that china police use geeses to attack criminals?




Huh, it is actually a thing. Also, welcome to the forum!


I think there was a post about and I think new member saw it. Pretty aggressive geese…not sure of the training part!


Here in Canada geese only attack if they feel threatened or think you are threatening their eggs or young. I’ve never heard of trained attack geese – that sounds delusional.

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Do you think geese trained to attack are trying to attack you? Is that your question?

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don’t mess with the geese and they won’t mess with you :wink:


I have heard of geese to drive people away. I didn’t know the police used them in China, but I’d take a trained dog over geese any day.

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Welcome to the forum! Glad you found us

I had never heard of geese being used that way before. Very interesting!

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I think it’s funny I love geese

This is why I stay away from the geese the waddle across the street from the park into my apartment building’s yard looking for food to eat.

yes i was talking about these 2 post where geese used for attack and guard.

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