Are gay guys females in guy bodies?

Are they? 15151515152

How backward are you and where you from ? Midwest us?

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No, that’s something different. There are people whose bodies don’t match who they know themselves to be, but they can be gay, straight, bisexual, pansexual, asexual, anything else, just like people whose bodies line up with who they know themselves to be.

I find transgender and genderqueer identities really interesting, especially since I feel like I don’t fully understand some of them.


As far as I know, no. There’s a distinction between being homosexual and having body dysmorphic disorder.


Yeah certainly not. There are people who blur the lines in every which way.

It’s a complicated thing. Attraction and “character” (as in masculine/feminine). They don’t really correlate.

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yeah and i dont understand how somebody who would think he is a spider in a human body would get any attention beyond the psychic ward too.

Well. I also don’t understand people who really firmly identify with their birth gender, either, to be honest. I know that’s pretty common, but I don’t get it. I’m a collection of thoughts and wants and fears and values in a body that happens to be female, but I don’t believe those thoughts wants fears values are particularly female (or male) any more than they’re particularly brown haired or tall or nearsighted.

There are advantages and disadvantages, and I’m more or less okay with being in a female body. I just don’t identify with it much more than I do my shoe size. I don’t understand it and I find people whose identity is strongly tied to it interesting.


No transexuals are females in guys bodies

Actually i strongly believe that gender, the simple body and hormone composition, has significant impact on the way we behave. Everything a female experiences has a different spin on it from what a male experiences and feels. Everytime i listen to a female express her thoughts i see them thinking and giving value to ideas and concepts very differently from a male. So all in all gender has its fingers in all our daily activities wether we like it or think about it or not.

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Science would probably say that your desires and instincts as a woman are different than that of a man! But we are all human I agree, and similar.

I think that might be cultural, too. I mean, your values are different from a lot of the other men here - I am probably far closer to men from my region than you are in values and reactions, and perhaps women from your region are closer to you than they are to me or to other women from mine. I think culture and upbringing has a stronger influence.

But also, like I said, I don’t really understand this female identity that I see other women experiencing, and that you’re referring to. I do see it, I just don’t get it. I often am told that my perspective is guylike. Several people here (you were one of them) thought I was male at first. But I don’t feel like a guy, either. I’m a woman and I’m not bothered by that. I have to be something, after all.

I wasnt even raised in the culture i now live in. And i dont have any common values from my native culture either. i kinda grew up and adopted values from all over the place as i learned about different religions and worldviews. but i know that throughout time and space women of all cultures had similar attitudes, see the records in history of the world yourself. men on the other hand changed far more as time progressed but at the core they are basically the same though. Yeah youre a cute girl though, not like any other girl. you think differently. But when i called you brother i didnt even conceive of you as a male - it was me trying to be as religiously authentic as possible and in religion you dont adress females as honorary members or very rarely.


I think I am both. Male and Female, depending on the situation. For the most part I think I come off as masculine to strangers, until they know me for a bit.

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the rigidity of gender roles is starting to break down a bit these days.

Playfully my most masculine friends do some pretty effeminate stuff.

The females are also liberal with belching and dirty jokes.


If so then that would mean women are gay guys in female bodies.

I have no idea how sexuality works, but gender is pretty straight-forward. You either think you’re a male or a female.

Most gay men identify as cisgendered males, so no. There are, however, a small snippet of the population of gay males that end up as transgender females (transwomen). It’s becoming less rare these days, but it happens, though I would still say only a minority in the gay male community experience such a transition.

No Offense To Anyone here ,

But a Gay Guy Is A Homosexual ,

A Guy That Wants To Be OR Lykes To Be With Other Guys …

In Whatever Ways … ,

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