Are emotions just thoughts that you can feel

I was thinking about how I FEEL more acceptance with the mental illness because I no longer feel like I just have drug induced psychosis. Don’t get me wrong. Drugs made it worse in some ways, but I was always self medicating. I definitely have been schizo though at least the prodromal phase since my adolescence. Whenever I say I FEEL does that mean it’s an emotion? If so, emotions pop up all over the place. Sometimes don’t even know where they’re coming from. I just thought a second. Where do my emotions come from. My brain I guess???

That is deep. 151515

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I’m glad you’re at this point. I always feel bad for the folks who think drugs caused their psychosis, and as a result believe they don’t deserve as much sympathy or resources. I think, even if drugs did cause someone’s psychosis, they are just as deserving as any of us in here. The idea that you’re being punished for life over simple childhood mistakes is a terrible byproduct of living in a culture that views mental illness as a moral failing, rather than just bad luck.


And often times substance abuse is just the coping mechanism for an underlining issue. Even if the psychosis did come last, there was probably some abuse that came first, before the substance use. Though, every now and then I hear someone say “I’m an addict for no good reason!”

I can’t speak for anyone but myself but I was doomed long before I picked up a drug or drink. I always say “what if?” But most of those what ifs would probably be reversed with an equally shitty outcome. I’m happy where I am today for the most part. But I was damn doomed before the drugs to suffer for a number of years. And that’s what it comes down to for me mostly. Not blaming my abuse, my mental status, my parents or neglect or anything/anyone in particular. But damn I was ■■■■■■ (screwed)!

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