Are Drugs a Part time Hang Out for Psychiatry

As we all know, most people in certain Brough’s and cities all over the globe use drugs, from the very rich, to the avenge joe builder, to the local down and out junkies.
We all understand the various different types, qualities and social demographics that consume them upon a yearly normal basis and it’s social acceptance.

Now, what I wanted to cut to the chase is, how come especially within my local immediate environment, meaning this town, are the only sufferers of long term psychosis and the main focus of ‘voice hearing’ only chiefly poor people in council housing, taking into account the all to obvious go to bat at hand point of poverty,poor living conditions unemployment.

They are still covering up the fact that very affluent intelligent working people are less effected by these odd or strange long term symptoms, as no other disease displays these abilities to actively engage within you 24/7 all year. ( how much acid would you need) and then the rest!, how come rich cocaine users don’t start to hear them!, how come it’s the poor smokers that do, and as always Psychiatry looks for new clients for it’s sector workers.

I have looked into this a bit before when these questions have arose on the forum. I believe that poor people are at higher risk of physical and mental abuse. I would guess that this is a “trigger” for psychosis and developing schizophrenia, but not a direct cause.

There is also the factor that developing schizophrenia can CAUSE you to become poor. I was pretty good in the employment area prior to sz. Was working 2 jobs , had a house, car and all the amenities. So this is probably a factor as well.

If you are suggesting it’s some kind of conspiracy, as you have seemed to refer to in other posts earlier this morning, its not.


Mood disorder is common factor in schizophrenia or similar details. I just dont know what herbal medicine can treat it. Maybe if sciene is involved and they combine the most similiar herb together

Poverty is a punishment, that’s why more poor people a mental ill compered to the rich that are rewarded

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It’s the society to which prohibits this type of league sport.

I see you’re back to posting your usual braindead crap.

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