Are boys better than girls?

Well, it isn’t that simple. Because one has to ask “Better at what?” Certainly the skills aren’t divided into categories of male skills and female skills like in the past. The opportunities for equality are better, now. One hears a lot about estrogen and testosterone that makes women milder than men for the benefit of women’s dealing with children and men’s need to conquer the universe. But it is the age old tradition of the father giving away the daughter (as if he had owned her) at the wedding and the man having conquered his bride. Conquer the moon, don’t conquer me !

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:muscle: MEN, LET’S ROLL


I have no need to conquer the universe. Some hawks in 2003 wanted to conquer Iraq and now 11 years after Iraq is more mess than before. You can read about this in news every day. The world is full of conflicts: Ukraine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria, Israel-Palestine, Columbia and so on. The world is just one big mess. I have no desire to participate in their conflicts. Finland is the world’s 6th most peaceful country, no war here, hopefully never.

Consider a world where humans are born and live in a system free from social standards and gender norms. Everyone dressed the same, was hairless and evaluated based on individual skill and performance. What differences would remain between individuals? Primary and secondary sex organs(read: genitals), hormone levels, bone and muscle structure.

First we need to define “better”. Better needs to consist of something we can measure in order to determine scientifically that something is “better” than another. We can measure: speed, strength, response time, knowledge, problem solving ability, flexibility and creativity to name a few.

So assuming the above measurements lets evaluate the differences in individuals.

Primary Sex Organs (Genitals):
If the genitals of an individual are removed.
Is that person weaker? Muscles have been unaffected everywhere except the pelvis. No essential muscle groups were harmed. Strength should not have changed from what was previously possible.
Is that person slower? Muscles in the legs and arms have not changed, eyes have been unaffected. It is safe to assume the individual is capable of previous speeds.
Has the memory of the individual changed: If we ignore psychological trauma and the effects this can have. There is no direct reason why the removal of skin, muscle, and nerve would effect the brains ability to store and recall information. Memory seems unaffected by the removal of the genitals barring interference from possible psychological trauma. It is safe to assume that an individual born without these genitals and not subjected to social expectations would be capable of the same memory functions as the individuals peers.

Conclusion: Assuming hormone levels are stabilized and maintained. Genitals do not seem to scientifically effect if an individual is “better” based on no observed benefits or restrictions to the individual in terms of speed, strength or memory. Larger amounts of testosterone will aid in the development of muscle mass.

Note: Removal of the gonads or ovaries will significantly lower hormone levels. If not supplemented there are certain physical and emotional changes that will occur. Most notably bone density loss.

It is my opinion based on the medical research I have compiled I can conclude that two healthy individuals regardless of genitals or type of dominant hormone present will have very similar ability to achieve success in any desired field.

The primary sex hormones estrogen and testosterone are present in everyone in different levels. While it was once thought that testosterone was responsible for muscle mass building we now understand that individuals with high levels of estrogen are equally as capable of large muscle mass building. This suggests that an individuals body, despite which primary sex hormone is dominant, still has ways to operate with optimal efficiency. This leads to the conclusion that the major difference in primary sex hormones is development and maintenance of ones primary and secondary sex organs.

TL:DR There seems to be no conclusive evidence to suggest that primary sex hormones or genitals play any role in ones ability to be “better” as defined by an individuals measured speed, strength or mental ability.


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I prefer the company of women over men. Many men have the tendency of overpowering others - they allow their egos to get in the way. Women tend to be more easygoing and less controlling. I tend to choose female mental health professionals over males. I had a moronic psychiatrist once, that wore a suit wherever he went. He felt the need to dominate others - after him it was female psychiatrists for me


Why does one have to be “better” then the other? Different… yet vital with strengths that balance the universe.

That doesn’t mean it has to be masculine and feminine body’s. But I do believe the balance is in the energy.

You need both energies to make the world go round. It’s all a circle and little by little we will work back to the balance we once forgot.


I cant stand oldschool gender roles. I cant count how many female nurses have told me that they make better caregivers than I just because they’re women. And I had one doctor who refused to hire me, because I was a male nurse.

I treat everyone as my equal, regardless of gender, age, race, IQ, etc. I wish more people did the same.




I also strive for this. Everyone brings something to the table and it’s been upsetting me lately when I see exclusion and one up man ship in almost everything. People who just think they are so much better the all other humans really make me uncomfortable.

I’ve met some great male and female nurses, I’ve met some horrid female and male nurses, and it’s the same in all other professions. I’ve met some great female and male EMT’s.

The gender of the body doesn’t dictate the patience or empathy in the heart.


Like conquests?..

A point well made but aren’t you the one who said you were sick of babysitting? Taking care of the infirm is similar.

You have me confused with someone else, chordy. I have, and always will, enjoy taking care of people.



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Probably. My mind isn’t as young as it used to be.

Each sex has their strengths and weaknesses. Girls are better at doing certain things than boys and vice-versa. I don’t think either sex is superior or above the other one. It’s just that in the past it was ASSUMED that boys were better than girls, if you look at history. But girls are catching up in many areas of life. Men are generally bigger and stronger than most women but it doesn’t make them better.

I always wondered about stronger because carrying a kicking baby in the belly while doing everything else that has to be done must require very real strength and balance.


I don’t think there is a better option. But considering my love for rainbows and unicorns I am grateful to be a woman and not a man or I would be teased rotten. I also love to crochet.

That cracked me up! LOL!!!

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Each person is special in someones eyes. You can’t compare boy’s to girls…that’s comparing apples to oranges.
What humans need to learn is more compassion for each other and accept the differences instead of competing with each other.

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Should my daughter get married, I’d like my wife to join me in walking her down the aisle.


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when a man balances a plate of chips on his stomach, and with the right hand holds the t.v remote control, and the left hand is trying to unwrap a chocolate bar…that is multi-tasking for men,
for women multi-tasking is being a mother to her children and (probably) her husband also, being a nurse to her children, a taxi driver to her children, a psychologist to her children and the list continues…
i think you can work out my point !?!
take care