Are AP's symptom specific?

I mean, do particular AP’s focus on just delusions or hallucinations or aggression? Like eg one is better for delusions and another for voices or another for agitation etc

Just curious. I know each AP works differently on each person but do they specialise in different ways on psychosis?

Like I take amisulpride and haloperidol, do they work on different symptoms?

No, not really. Their differences are pretty general, and so are their effects. You should just ask your doctor for a recommendation and be prepared to try out several of them.

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In my experience no, they all work on all sz symptoms. Although some APs worked better than other APs for me.

Oh ok thanks guys :blush:

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APs are pretty broad on how they treat positive symptoms.

They are not symptom specific.

Different APs’ target different parts of the brain but not symptom spesific and its different for each individual.

I thought APs block dopamine in all the brain and not in specific areas?

@Aziz Different APs work different. Abilify is a partial dopamine agonist whereby most other APs are Dopamine Antagonists. Each one targets different receptors in the brain in various ways. Thats my understanding. Im no psychiatrist

I know that but my question is do they work in specific brain regions or in all the brain. Afaik my psychiatrist told me they work in all the brain and thats why they may worsen negative symptoms, some regions are already low in dopamine and meds make it even lower.

@Aziz My understanding is that certain AP’s target receptors to make the receptors work better as in the case of Abilify.

Other APs’ can cause the receptors to block out the dopamine. Whether it is just in certain areas of the brain or the whole brain, idk

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Abilify doesn’t fully block dopamine but reduces dopamine activity so it blocks dopamine partially. It occupies dopamine receptors instead of dopamine and have a weaker action vs dopamine.

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