Are AP'S memory enhancers?

my working memory is back to normal. especially short term memory. just today i was able to remember something from the past that dad had forgotten. is it the AP’S, causing this or the fact that i rarely drink nowadays?

Not for me… …

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i guess maybe it’s the 4 or 5 years avoidance of alcohol that has improved my memory. i used to binge drink 4 nights a week throughout my 20’s. but i wonder if the invega is also helping me?

Do you notice fine motor skill issues with invega? I switched to Abilify for this reason…

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im not sure what you mean by fine motor skills. im an ok driver, but not as good as before. i have a hard time judging if im close to the road line by the passenger side. so i usually guide off the yellow dividing line in the middle. it wasn’t like that before. also i can’t drive at night, because i have poor night vision and don’t do well with oncoming headlights. but i dont drive a lot, on average about 5 miles a day.

Its actually long term memory.

Working memory is just immediate memory. For example some one said a number very fast like 319709. You hear it once and try to recollect the very next seconds like less than 3s. How much you able to recall is your working memory.

Short term memory include things did few minutes back.

Mind constantly transform contents from working memory to short term memory to long term memory based on importance, frequency of recall, intensity at which information absorbed etc.

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Memory is worse when psychotic so yeah they do improve memory.

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I think your memory is better now that you’re not drinking as much anymore.

In my opinion memory loss can be emotional and stress related. When you relax it is easier to think back without any problems.

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It’s hit or miss sometimes. I’ve seen some good, bad, and very good, and very bad haha.

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Fish oil is memory enhancers.
Antipsychotics are memory destroyers