Are AP's drugs?

Yes they are 100%

So we are on drugs

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They don’t affect your judgement. If they get me high I am unaware of it. When I was on Seroquel I’d lie in bed for hours after waking up and it felt like a high. I’ve been off it 21 months.

Is sugar a drug?



its not classed as a drug

haha, yeah, we’re on drugs.

idk, last I heard they won’t kill you immediately.

Drugs that help you…


I like that
and 100% right


Addiction to Sugar

Brain scans show that intermittent sugar consumption affects the brain much like certain drugs, so the next time you crave something sweet, it may be more than just a sweet tooth: it could be an addition you need to address. In the journal Neuroscience & Biobehavioral Reviews, it found that sugar meets the criteria for a substance of abuse, and those who binge on it could be addicted.

Food addiction is plausible since brain pathways have evolved to respond to natural rewards and therefore become activated by addictive drugs. A study from Science Direct concluded that sugar releases opioids, and dopamine, therefore, could have this addictive potential. There were four components of sugar addiction analyzed, including:

  • Bingeing
  • Withdrawal
  • Craving
  • Cross-sensitization

These components were demonstrated behaviorally with sugar bingeing being the reinforcer, and are related to neurochemical changes in the brain that also occur with addictive drugs. Under certain circumstances, rats can become addicted to sugar, which may translate to some human conditions that may include eating disorders and obesity.


I don’t have any of that, Jay. sounds bad by the way you presented it.

Otherwise known as food.

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I might take one spoon of sugar

in my tea then

and get high

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AA doesn’t look at medication as ‘“using drugs”. I had a big problem with that when I first got in the program. I would get up and say, “I got two (three, four, five) months clean and certain people would say,”How can you call yourself clean if you’re using drugs?” When I was on Ativan it was particularly troubling. But then I read some literature that they put out every meeting that specifically dealt with the issue. And it said, “ Sometimes we are going to have an illness and we’re going to need to take medication for it. As long as you only take it only when necessary and take it only as prescribed it is not considered as “using””.

So if you have 15 years clean and sober and you have a serious back injury and you need addictive pain medicine like morphine or something you do not lose your clean time if you take it carefully, only when necessary and throw it away once you are healed.

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Sugar is not a drug. The brain does not respond to nutrients in the same way as it does to addictive drugs such as heroin or cocaine.

A person can develop a behavioral disorder to sugar; however, a person can develop a behavioral disorder to many things. For example, excessive exercise and gambling are behavioral disorders.

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sly eyes, shifting back and forth as if judging the room

I love my drugs!



What our society calls drugs or medication, depends on convention. Technically, anything molecularily arranged in an organism or in the laboratory is a chemical. Society, develops concepts and rituals around chemicals, deeming them one way or the other within in relgious or legal frameworks, given a set of circumstances and arbitrary conventions. Anything introduced to a biological system, with regularity over time, modifies that system in such a way where certain processes or cellular activity is effected, diminishing or increasing processes, usually resulting on the system to go through a withdrawal process, due to dependency.

It does not matter what the chemical substance is.

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Yes Pedro, medicinal drugs, however not recreational.


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APs are drugs and so is aspirin

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Yeah drugs. Most of them. Bentos especially. Anything that stops you from feeling negative emotion is addictive, and sedatives do that.

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I Don’t want to be rude but when I hear the word drugs being spoken I think of things that has a potential to be abused and are destroying people. When I hear the word meds I think of pills that help people overcome an illness or condition. But that is my point of view as a foreigner.