Are any zoom support groups coming about here?

I help with Students With Psychosis zoom meetings. If you want, join us.


Tell me about that. I might be interested.


Im interested also.

@trelos @HuckFinn

I will make a thread!!


I do a monthly Zoom with a local mens mh support group. We go for walks along the beach while we chatter about whats concerning us. The local council gave them a cheque for a grand, to keep us in tea and biscuits in the cafe when we finished lol.

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Dang… u all are lucky… pour some in my hand for a dime?

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This was silly when we were kids… idk why i thought of this :slight_smile:

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Do they invite others?


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This NAMI serves Santa Clara Valley. I really don’t know if they let people from outside Santa Clara Valley use their services.
Here’s some contact info though:


1150 South Bascom Ave., Suite 24
San Jose, CA 95128

(Corner of Bascom Ave. & and Downing Ave.)
Bus Service: Buses 61 & 62; Light Rail Bascom Station

Office hours:

Monday – Friday
10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.


Ph. (408) 453-0400

its not a big deal… there are many NAMI groups around… ty tho.

Im a student and Id totally be interested in joining.

I made a post but that got shut down…

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cant cuz your profile is private. message me instead got lotsa nice groups too :slight_smile:

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