Are any of you having your medical insurance changing May 1?

I am and it’s all a little like they’re telling me more of what I can and can’t do. They chose a PCP whose office is 30 miles away. I’m looking into it. I think I can change that.

Good luck chordy.

Thanks to our new premier here in Alberta mine is going to cost more next month, but it will still suck just as badly. Politicians. Can’t live with 'em, can’t… Well. Can’t live with 'em.


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I’m out of the loop, what hapens may 1st?

Just being switched over to a new insurance company.

Me too. Switching from straight Medicaid to an insurance covered Medicaid. Then in July I’m switching to Medicare.

@chordy do as u heart says…

My heart says avoid doctors anyway. Those people spin webs no spider ever knew.