Are anti/p's immunosuppressive?

Worried about this

After taking Amisupride, I did a blood test, which showed my white blood cells decreased. That explains why i easily got cold or infection.

No, not really. They can affect red/white blood cells, but this is rarely seen except with Clozaril.

I guess it is rare that an antipsychotics affects red/white blood cells. But some antipsychotics do have this effect such as Clozaril and Amisulpride. I take Amisulpride and did the blood tests. Daydream takes Amisulpride, too , and he observed a problem of immune system. At least I now have two instances of immune problem with Amisulpride with the support of blood test result.

BTW, my white blood cells was at the lowest end of the normal range. Just at the critical point. So it was not too bad.

It’s not necessarily a bad thing if they are. In some people, sz is an autoimmune disorder - the body attacking itself. Damping down the immune response may help to stop or hinder that process.

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