Are anger and rejection the same thing?

Hopefully anger is only rejecting the part of me that misbehaves and not all of me. I used to feel rejected anytime someone was angry at me. I’ve got to hold my ground a little about that.

In short No, Anger is an emotion, rejection is an act.

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What about when one speaks (acts) in anger?

Its an emotional reaction to rejection.
@BigBlue is right.

There is quite a bit of overlap between the two, but they are not the same. You can be angry without rejecting, and you can reject without being angry. But if you are angry there is a good chance you will reject, and if you reject, there is a good chance you were angry.

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pissed and dissed. they rhyme.

Think of it like this a person could make a mistake ( as Anger usually is one) the mistake would be an act, not an emotion from source.

This is the defination of an act. or action taken.

The opposite can lead to anger. Someone being angry at you can make you feel rejected. But they are not the same thing.

A helpful resource on ‘anger’ and understanding it.

There’s also a video on rejection.

We likely are going to feel angry when rejected - that’s normal…

But it’s because it actually is painful and sometimes getting angry … dulls that pain? Seems like its that. It keeps us from feeling the pain that rejection can cause.

I can think of some pretty horrible things my angry part says, … woo-boy… not pleasant lol…

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