Are angels and demons really talking to my family?

My mom, me, my sister, and maybe my dad and brother all have psychosis. What are the odds that an entire family is psychotic? I mean, seriously…

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There’s no such thing as taking to demons. Maybe your family is really unlucky. Pm me and I’ll tell you what’s real

I would tell your psychiatrist about what you think…bring your whole family if you suspect they are psychotic? I wish you well.


If these voices don’t cause distress and you haven’t the other symptoms of a psychotic disorder than these could be non-pathological religious experiences.

Nevertheless they’re delusional

It often runs in families, so it’s not as uncommon as you would think.

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I just feel like it’s really bad luck. :sweat: My whole immediate family is mentally ill… I don’t understand why our luck is THAT bad.

I’ve been watching a show called Supernatural, lately. It’s really good, but I sometimes take things they say in the show too seriously… Like they make SZ / SZA look like you really are experiencing legit things, not hallucinations.

I know I’m sick, but I just don’t understand how my family can ALL be sick… That just never happens, right? I mean, why my family? Why us?

It is not only bad luck because genetics is one of the biggest risk factor for developing a MI.

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Well if both parents carry genes for psychosis, it is very likely the kids will also be the same.

Also there is research that says family members tend to have the same types of delusions/hallucinations. Which is interesting to me.


I believe my mom’s side is on that spectrum of psychotic illness, my mom is more so a delusional type who thinks her whole family has a prophetic gift and told me they’ve had visions, she’s also said that when it came to what to name me before I was born, that a voice popped into her head and that’s how she knew. My dad said they discussed the naming thing though.
So even if a parent may have a delusional disorder, psychosis does run through genes, but it seems to be a lesser percent than say ADHD.

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Whole churches have delusional/spiritual experiences together. I’ve been to some. Entire communities of cults share delusional beliefs and experiences… It doesn’t mean every person in those churches and groups has a mental illness.
A group of people who share core beliefs and are bonded to one another have a tremendous influence on each other. From the core beliefs, one member may say they have had an encounter, influencing the others who also begin to have encounters…
I’m not an expert on this, but the odds of your entire family having mental illness is slim. But the odds of your family having close bonds and sharing core beliefs that lead to shared encounters seems understandable.
Maybe family/group therapy could help you get to the bottom of it. :heart: