Are all SZ cases connected to ADHD?

I mean, does everyone who has psychotic symptoms, also has ADHD?
In my case I have lots of ADHD symptoms. I started taking pramiracetam drug today and already feel more concentrated


I don’t have ADHD and never had it as a kid.
So, No is the short answer.


Ok makes sense, probably it’s a bit individual what I have. I really can relate with lots of ADHD symptoms


Is pramiracetam stimulant or no?

I am quite not sure,
I know it helps for memory and concentration

I have adhd yet the meds don’t even slightly help not for concentration not for mood nothing it made me violent paranoid and crazy ssri’s were a close second only difference was I went manic off of it and prozac made me high and I looked high as a kite for a long time I somewhat miss the mania it produced however I don’t take it anymore the doctor won’t prescribe it

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I don’t think it can happen for all of them. But I too felt I had it. In fact during episodes I used to feel like I may have at least 4-5 type of mental illness. It’s better to leave it to the professional as they may have more insights on it.

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I have never been diagnosed with ADHD nor have I ever suspected it.

I don’t even know what adhd is. Is it low motivation? I have low motivation but I think its negative symptoms.

Nope. It’s more or less inability to concentrate @Aziz

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I had totally the same feeling, and it was a correct feeling.
I have psychotic symptoms, depression, anxiety, paranoia and also OCD. Now it seems it’s also connected to ADHD.
Who knows why I have so many problems in my head… while physically I am very, in fact totally healthy

Whats the difference between low motivation and concentration. I try to do tasks but end up not finshing them and giving up. Someone here diagnosed with ADHD said its low motivation. I feel like negative symptoms and adhd are similar, sz cognitive symptoms too, sz can cause low concentration. Anyways adhd meds worsen sz and my dr won’t prescribe them, I asked for Adderall he said it will make me psychotic

Are you diagnosed with adhd and dr prescribed you this? If not adhd drugs can make sz worse

My pdoc prescribed pramiracetam
Though I am not diagnosed officially with ADHD

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I googled and its not available here. I didn’t find anything about its mechanism of action. Here Adderall and Ritalin are used for ADHD but they increase dopamine and worsen sz

No. But I think there’s all sorts of overlap.



Effective ADHD meds like Adderall increase dopamine. Its believed that both sz negative, sz cognitive symptoms and adhd are caused by low dopamine in certain brain regions

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i had adhd as a kid, the meds made me vomit and sleepy so couldnt continue, might still have it tbh but cant treat it due to sz so goldfish attention span it is

I wish my Dr would prescribe me amphetamine. He says I don’t have adhd and amphetamine is only for adhd. I feel like amphetamines would give me energy and motivation, improves negative and cognitive symptoms of sz