Arctic front will sit on Oklahoma for the next ten days

I can’t believe it…I just saw the forecast for the next week and a half and it will still be freezing as far as the forecast goes…what the hell?

Yeah, it’s supposed to start warming up the same day our visit to the mountains for the weekend is over. That’s some timing. Gonna be some cold winter hiking.

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It’s going to be really cold next eight days. It’s been sleeting here with high wind. Stay safe. Brrrr


This wouldn’t be so bad if we could lose the darn wind chill.



Stay warm my Midwest fellas!

It’s going to be chilly for a minute.


just sipping coffee and listening to music for the whole time I wait for warmer weather…mom already told me she would replace my battery if it fails in the cold weather…I refuse to go outside and the rooroo is being chained while she goes to the bathroom so we don’t have to go get her in the farther back yard…horrible temperatures…not used to it.

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