Aquarius Passing

Take it for what you will but I found the Astrologer’s Zodiac concept to be of some relevance.

Around the 1960’s supposedly began the Age of Aquarius. Aquarius is the twelfth and final demi god on a clock face of spiritual teachers.

During this era Gemini is meant to ‘rapture’ all of his students who would find Aquarius’s teaching a bit too progressive. If said students are still of the mindset to toss stones at a ‘devil’ they are temporarily placed in a trance (anyone notice a sort of estrangement over the past ten years?)

Aquarius is meant to leave approx in 2020 turning the clock face back over to Aries.

Now the most startling phenomena that happened during my sz was going to bed one night stupid and waking up smart.

Sadly, although some may curse their current situation I fear this situation will leave me entirely and I might go to bed one night in 2020 waking up the next morning stupid again.

Sounds like ■■■■■■■■.

It might be - I don’t know but I found it a constructive way to view things.

We might not actually be handi-capped; only subjected to a new and unusual situation which we we’re meant
to learn as much from while we can.

Actually each age lasts roughly 1500-2200 years. It’s a myth it’s the age of Aquarius. Aquariuses are rebellious which is why the hippies declared the age of Aquarius to start In the 60s. But in fact the way the constellations lie it doesn’t start for another hundred years or something. I’ve never heard the thing about geminis, I’m a gemini. I do find a connection with Aquarius. And the ages go backward. Age of Leo is considered the first age when man worshipped the sun then cancer when man became tribal with families, then gemini when we began writing, etc… Now were in the age of Pisces. After Aquarius would be Capricorn but I doubt we make it that far.

Source: I’m an astrology buff :wink:

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I tried to understand a bit about astrology but I gave up. Do you believe in it?

Yeah I do. What’s your sign btw :wink:

I was going by another Zodiac dial.

It’s listed Gemini>Pisces>Aqaurius

I figured Pisces was like Buddah - Gemini in agreement with itself (overcoming dualism)

Aquarius then being the enlightenment sought by the Buddah.

Something odd happened shortly after I relocated from America to New Zealand. I’m not sure why but there was some shift in the chart so where as I was meant to be Aries, I am now Pisces.

Or, as you pointed out perhaps I am still Aries in the Age of Pisces.

This woman explains that Aquarius is always there and that it’s a paradigm shift for the individual on an individual level.

Lol, ask yourself if what she’s on about all sounds familiar.

I’m an Aries! :smile:

Nice Aries is a good sign. So is every sign for that matter though. My sister and mom are both Aries so I know Aries women well. Almost too well ;). My ex girlfriend from a couple months ago was an Aries too, that didn’t work out too well though :oops:. Eric Clapton is my favorite Aries celeb. Very talented like Aries are. You’re the “leadership” sign

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Ahaha, maybe yes. I don’t know that many aries ppl.

I will watch it later I’m at work rn. I’m not familiar with the type of astrology you speak of. I think @anon31257746 Is an astrology fan too. Maybe he can chime in on the matter.

I think there are Greek and Roman versions of the Zodiac

And there was this change announced back around 2011

I don’t believe in the rotation. Linda goodman is my number one astrology idol and she said its just an attempt to undermine the legitimacy of astrology. She did say though there is a slight difference between being born at the beginning of a signs period versus the end. But a HUGE difference between being born say April 19th vs. April 23rd (Aries vs Taurus). Which reminds me I gotta start reading astrology again. If it gives you delusions you probably shouldn’t think about it too much though.

Don’t tell anyone.

All of the signs are horrible actually.

What they exude means bad bad things.

**What sign are you @pansdisease?
My son is an Aquarius…

i’m. an aries, how lovely.