Aquarium pics

Animals give me meaning and I need to remember this

So here’s some pics of my aquarium

Do you have an aquarium?


Is the little shrimp guy still in your tank?

Yeah I bought a handful to feed my puffer fish but three of them have survived. I think they’re too big to eat right now but that will change

Lol :sweat_smile:

I thought they were your pets …

I thought the shrimp was the coolest one :grin:

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I had 2 fishes before. One killed the other

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They can be kept as pets but people usually buy them as feeders. They’re ghost shrimp!


My brother gave me this as a Xmas present:

It’s supposed to be for my aquarium but it doesn’t fit in and the fish are to big to swim through it. I’m just using it as a spaceship ornament on my T.V unit