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We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone.
Ronald Reagan


Sounds like the motto of the Red Cross. All the money you donate to them, goes for their people to find other people willing to help those in need, nothing goes directly to those in need. Everything goes in their pocket while they convince people in the local area to donate items.

When our town flooded in 2006, our house was one of the many hit, we lost most everything and was stuck inside during the whole ordeal and had to clean it all up ourselves, we hosed off the mud, pulled up all the carpet, linoleum and hardwood floors down to the baseboard. Everything was wet for days.

On day 3 of the of the cleanup, we were in the garage and saw a white jeep drive down the street and stop briefly at the corner.
The next day we saw a bucket on the driveway with a sponge, folding handle broom and mop, floor disinfectant and a pair of vinyl gloves, and a card stating the red cross was responsible in getting this for us.
That was the extent of it.


Same thing happened to my Dad in hurricane Sandy

“Lords of poverty” by graham hancock.

I hear it’s a good read, haven’t read it myself, i don’t need to.