Aps never worked for me to regain a functional life. I even wonder how they help you on this

I guess I have some other mi and negatives. The aps never helped my sadness, I am unhappy as a dog… I cant move my ass from the couch often cause I experience some psychosomatic pains which are so strong that I cant function. If I try to do something, its often a fiasco so dont tell me to just move on… I really feel like ill faint and go mad cause I have some inner waves of energy who goes to my feet and my heart beats with 1000 per second wow…
You all here seem that you function a minimum. My mom says that those who are doing bad, they just dont write… I am miles away from having a partner, from having a job etc etc.
Ill wait, ok, but aps weren’t a help at all for me…


Hi anna i know u will feel good soon … i have never laughed since 8 yrs …!!! Life sucks…but be strong my sister…u seemed always kind to me …!!!


Ok thank you far… :slight_smile:
It just that its a bit natural to be disappointed from every treatment they put me on and it never worked. I became their guinea pig for 8 years without a result at all while all my schizophrenic friends get better after 2, 3 months on their meds… I tried around 11 aps, its too much, its almost like they poisoned me.
and never, never an ap didn’t work on my mood… The last time when I went to my dentist I thought I would faint by fear, I scared my dentist… I live this every day and every day around people.
whatever, its hard to always accept the bad…
Are you on an antidepressant far?

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Just know that you are a big support to me, far! I am not alone at least :slight_smile:
But I dont understand how can you just sit there and accept this. Ive done this for 15 years and I start to be really fed up by this…

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I am in two antipsychotic they are seroquel 25mg and rispridal 3mg… i used to be on antidrepressant before but not now…Anna i want to tell u i dont have positive symptoms rather then disorganised thought…i take anti psychotic just to sleep…!!! My main problem iz cognitive symptoms and negative symptoms…i want to feel good and laugh and giggle… i am eagerly waiting for better medication in the future… i know within 5 to 15yrs senario will change

There will be lot of change and development during this year…only we have to be patient and wait for better future… we will get there soon my sister…

I cant wait far. Ill be an old lady after 10 years. I should find something now.why dont you take an antidepressant again? some say that it helps even the negatives far…

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I am scared to take too much medication at once…now i take 3 med at once like seroquel rispridal and anti akanthasia tablet… Anna i wont search for med that works for negative symptoms… cuz negative symptoms are hard to treat…with in 3 years med called min 101 will come to market for negative symptoms…

Wait anna wait…we will be still young till 50 years… i am 31 years now…i have never worked in my life …i am waiting for better medication…

and I am sorry to all of you that all my posts seem like I dont care about the others suffering… But I became too self centered, I know it and I dont like it either…
Far, I am not pleased as well cause I have 3 meds but what if it helps in the end? we suffer from serious mi you know. I would try something in your place cause I am older than you and I regret my lost years behind me…

I heard a psychiatrist say that a single AP only works thirty percent of the time. That’s not very good odds.

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you know ‘works’ is only a 40% reduction in symptoms in those who remain in the study (often very few). those aren’t good numbers.

The sleeping on the couch and having trouble getting up and doing things is a rut. Once you’re in it it is hard to get out of it. This has happened to me. I think it is due to life being depressing in some manner. The love of key people in my life has helped me a lot.
I am trying now to schedule more activities on a regular basis, as much as possible. I may fail, as I am on 3 1/2 weeks of vacation now from work.

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I think it’s even worse than that, 20% reduction in symptoms is considered “effective.”

Of course many people have a better response.

The bar is pretty low though.


I see, @twinklestars. In this case, the meds worked on me for 30, 40 %, but I have a lot of friends who even started working on their meds and even have partners. While my life is always grey, lonely etc etc. I struggle to have positive feelings cause its hard to live without feeling love for exemple. My values of life are confused. I even dont know which music I like for example :confused: I can be excited by some music by some primarly reaction but my personality is lost for now… how can somebody could love me when I am nobody for the moment? there is just my mom who accepts me like this.

Your right people don’t say it.

It’s a pity you don’t want to try therapy. Medication alone doesn’t seem to work for you…

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@Anna1 I’m sorry you are feeling down. I struggle too with feeling love, empathy, connection with others. But life without a partner is not so bad. Mostly I can do whatever I want whenever I want. At work most people with partners seem to complain about them or their in-laws. So be thankful at Christmas you don’t have to visit them!

Thank you for the message, Gollum. I am just per moments. Sometimes I struggle against this faith of mine, but in general, I try to accept it more now. I cant do almost anything. the others presence sometimes is just a pressure for me. I still need to isolate myself. Plus, the most important for all of us here is to fight the suffering now…
Are you anhedonic too @Gollum? Cause I sometimes think that when its hard to have positive emotions, we struggle to enjoy life too. maybe it will come, idk. But its clear in my case that its the negatives and the depression. The positives doesn’t cause this emotional pain I find…
Yes, we can do whatever we want, hah :slight_smile:
take care dear

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I have to recharge by isolating too if I am in other peoples company for a while. I don’t know if I am anhedonic. I certainly like all the wrong things! but am drug and tobacco free now so that cuts out a lot. Since going on Olanzapine I never experience the manic highs but occasionally I will feel mildly “at ease and everything is as it should be”. I guess that’s as close to it gets on these aps.

aps keeps you chemically balanced, plus circumstances can help you. If you can accomplish both then it will probably help you.

2B brave act brave. Nobody is going to reach out to you to make your life better. Nobody owes you happiness or fulfillment. You must take appropriate initiative. If you’re old enough to be writing, you can walk away from a difficult past. Stop doing the things that waste your time, join an activity where you are likely to meet someone, learn a new marketable skill, be a diplomat and learn to enjoy your own company.

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