APs a two part epoxy

Given the number of people on the forum who have tried to quit their medication with little to no long term avail. Is there something we’re missing? For the number of times over the years that I’ve tried, I have had no success and developed even worse symptoms of no relation to the origional problem. Yes eventually the delusions come back but why with the new. At the same time while doctors advise us not to quit, give us little flack for trying like they already know its not going to work. Is there a drug that is to be administered when coming of APs? It would make sense given how many of has attempted withdraw without success.

I dont understand. You mean a med that prevents sz other than antipsychotics?

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I’m not sure besides titration from the AP, if there is a drug for AP withdrawal.

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Like they let drug one buildup in your body over the course of years, meanwhile they can screen you for everything else under the sun…it temporarily treats what ails you but in no way a cure… if they find that diagnose is correct and there is no reason why they figure they shouldn’t let you recover then they give you the second drug which makes the effects permanent and let’s you withdraw from the first. There has been lots of information about getting drugs to cross the blood brain barrier with multiple ways. Once the meds are in the synapses then we need them to stay there so we can get off APs and still have a life.

But whats the problem with taking meds? I mean I prefer taking a daily pill rather than taking a permanent med once in my lifetime.

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if your not taking nothing then no side effects…the reason everybody’s quiting their meds.

I am sure there is the same side effects with a permanent med. Its just that the side effects are then permanent for life which is worse. Not sure I understand.

Maybe people don’t want a cure, or even to get off the meds that cause them so much pain…

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Sure I’d love a cure for SZ, but it’s not at the top of the things in my life I’d like a cure for health wise. I find it to be very manageable and the meds very tolerable at this point. Won’t complain if a cure comes along and I can ditch the meds.


If it cured negative symptoms as well as positives I would almost kill for a permanent cure for sz.

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Schizophrenia is a medical condition that requires a medical treatment.
It seems to be problem with the way the patients brain handles the neurotransmitters, dopamine in particular.
Older typical APs was less selective in the way it blocked dopamine, the newer atypical meds are more selective in the blocking of different neurotransmitters falling in the catagory of dopamine. Thus less extrapyramital symptoms.
I’m not a psychiatrist, so I have a very limited knowledge of the intricacies of the way APs work.
I do know that over the course of my illness (27 years) that the newer meds work better for me as they come in the market. The old meds that were available when I first got sick gave me such profound side effects that I couldn’t tolerate them well and I was not always med compliant.
The first med that offered me any hope was Zyprexa, which was the non-generic trade name for olanzapine.
I am currently doing well with Fanapt, a fairly new med that, for me at least, has minimal side effects.
I don’t believe there is any permanent cure that would effectively treat SZ.
That’s just not possible at this time with a lifelong condition such as SZ/SZA.
But as I stated, there are many possible reasons for psychosis and it’s always possible that your diagnosis might not be accurate.
I would strongly recommend trying alternate treatment (meds) before trying to just stop taking whatever med you are currently prescribed.
This is too long already.
Sorry, I’m done.

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