April is just round the corner

April is when i was diagnosed with sz and put on meds. It is also four years since I’ve had a psychotic episode. I’m meeting another pdoc (I don’t have a pdoc i see regularly since early intervention discharged me back to my GP). I just see any pdoc that has an appointment available every six to 12 months or so. Do you think I should be seeing someone more often?

Depends, do you think you could benefit from seeing someone sooner?
When I was seeing my pdoc every 3-4 weeks, it became all I would obsess on until the next meeting. Thought I couldn’t live without them.
In the back of my mind, I knew at some point the high cost of insurance would force me to quit going.
It came true, I had to stop, going on 2years now. Wondered why I ever went.
Miss my meds, especially my mood stabilizer, wished I had them back.

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