Appt with social worker, hypomania and voices

So yesterday went to see my mental health social worker and we had a nice chat. She confirmed I must stay on my meds as she said the more episodes one has the more likely it will be chronic. She said she also thinks I have sza not sz judging from my mood problems lasting so long.

Last evening out of the blue I became hyper and jabbered away to myself and laughed repeatedly. Danced to six or seven songs and went to shower where I talked and laughed to myself. Felt like I was on a runaway train. Managed to calm enough down to pray and then afterwards I found I couldn’t read a book - I was too restless.

Soon after the hypomania went away and was replaced with a tiredness and feeling down.

Then the voices came back. Been a while since Alien bothered me. Told me to kill my husband and I used all manner of curses telling him to shove off, I love my husband and so on.

Fortunately that didn’t last long either.

Today I’m feeling demotivated and still unable to read - this time due to a lack of interest

Hope I will feel better soon. It must have been a glitch!

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