Apprenticeship Training

What skills do you need to get into apprencticeship training? The baking team at the doughnut shop earn $12.75 per hour with their certification.

I got laughed at today asking this question.

I’d say talk to your local vocational school.

I think you need a place to hire you as an apprentice. They train you, and will give you time off to go to school for training and then you go back to work there when you are done. When I was welding they hired me as a labourer first, then moved me into an apprenticeship. I would work there for ten months then go to school for two months, then work there another 10 months, then go to school again until I was finished.

They probably laughed because you don’t really need previous knowledge, they will teach you everything.

Who laughed? Was it friendly laughter?

Do you have to get up real early to make the donuts?

I think it’s like zengarden said. I was just looking into trades for my daughter. They would like you to have a basic understanding of what you are looking at. Ex: Mechanic. You know what an engine is etc. Other then that the point of apprenticing is to learn the trade under the direction of a company already doing that trade. I think the company is considered your sponsor meaning they intend to hire you once your schooling and apprenticeship is up.

Hours are midnight- 7AM.

That sounds really cool, since I’m ex military I worked construction through the (helmets to hardhats) program. Donuts are so much more fun than plastering or fire sprinkler installation lol. If you know who a union rep is it helps, but it doesn’t sound like the bakeries have that.

Those would probably be my best hours for working.

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