Appreciate how you look now

I am one of those people that never appreciate how I look… until I look even worse lol.

I know I am growing a tiny human but sheesh, I just feel fat. I’ve been taking belly progression photos and wow, I am definitely showing today! But I just feel fat instead, especially looking back at my 12 week photo, I looked good! Now I’m a blob😂

So- appreciate how you look now… cause it could be worse.


You’re expected to gain weight when you are pregnant. Don’t be so hard on yourself. You can always lose it later. (easier said than done , I know, but it can be done)

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Yeah haha definitely easier said than done…

But I also just mean in general- even when I’m not pregnant. I look fine, but then gain weight and look back at photos and I’m like “wow, why didn’t I appreciate it”

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Don’t know what you got till it’s gone

old cinderella song.

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Definitely heard that song before. So true

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