Appointments suck

I just had Pdoc and therapist appointments today. I only go every 3 months or so.

It kind seems like there’s no real point to them because they can’t ever offer good …or sometimes ANY advice. I show up, “how’ve you been? Any symptoms?” I respond and that’s pretty much it. Even my therapist said there isn’t anything to talk about during my appointments, she asked me what she could do to help. Of course I didn’t know how to respond to that because if I knew what ppl could do to help, I’d find a way to do it myself.

Then the Pdoc appointment happened and I expressed some interest in taking meds again. I asked if taking something ‘as needed’ would work for when I start to get symptomatic and can’t handle it. He said yes and recommended Risperidone (actually Ability, but I can’t afford it, so risperidone was his 2nd choice.) I told him I don’t want the metabolic side effects of it (or any atypical) and would prefer a typical 1st gen. AP since I don’t care about the 1st gen’s side effects since it’s only as needed. He still stuck with his original choice and wouldn’t really waver from it. So he said “think about it.” Now I’m supposed to call him in a month with a decision whether I want to start risperidone.

I don’t know if I should give it a try or not.

The thing that pisses me off the most is that for 2 years they pestered me about not taking meds. Then I show interest in them as long as they don’t raise my blood sugar <- my ONLY condition and they seem as disinterested in prescribing me meds as I was in taking them before.

Sorry, just venting I guess.

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Sometimes its a real waste of time going to the doctor, I agree, appointments suck. Last time I went to my pdoc and get my meds at the outpatient dept of my local hospital, I had to wait over an hour and a half just to see not my pdoc but another one, because my pdoc had to leave early and foisted me on another doctor who couldn’t even see me, I had to go to a third doctor, who I now switched to. All that waiting for nothing, because I am doing fine and just needed to collect my meds.
All the meds switching is just trial and error the doctors try on every patient. Makes one feel like a guinea pig sometimes!

I’m actually real surprised a pdoc would agree to a take as needed med. Usually the speak against that. I had one in 2011 tell me meds don’t work that way, you have to take them regularly and give them some weeks to work.
Lies! Or at least disinformation.
When someone in a hospital flips out and they give them a shot of haldol and they immediately calm down, that’s take as needed. When someone I knew was stressing out and couldn’t sleep they would take a Seroquel or Zyprexa and fall asleep…That’s take as needed.
Maybe you could shop around for another doctor that might give you something more suitable for take as needed, or if not take as needed at least could get a script and then you take as needed. they last awhile especially if you don’t need them often. I still have a prescription of antidepressants from last fall, and haven’t taken any in 8 months.

I have pretty much the same thing with my treatment team. In and Out quick

Your Haldol example is actually what I was thinking about when I asked for them as-needed. Obviously it will work, it works that way all the time.

I’m thinking he was on board with the idea because he thinks he can get me on ‘meds’ all the time. That this ‘take as-needed’ will become ‘take every-day.’ I think doctors are concerned about what happens when you stop taking the drug. If you stop taking it too quickly, you could end up more symptomatic than when you started. I remember when I suddenly stopped seroquel, I thought I was going to fall through the carpet like quicksand…luckily my carpet is not made of hypersaturated water.

It just bugs me that he is so set on that one drug Risperidone. Even if it gives me diabetes (and it likely will) he still recommends it. From what I read, it also takes soooo much longer for atypicals to reach effective levels than typical APs. If I take a pill, it’s because I need it now (or soon-ish), not next week.

Sounds like a minor power struggle. Some Drs like to be in control of the game.

My therapist seems to be the same way. I am getting along with her better though

Did he say why? You are at a different stage-does he get that? I have a sister that started on lithium. After many years, she is now on zyprexa, and takes as needed. I believe she is now thinking about depakote. She takes her meds as needed…

I would ask him to explain why he is prescribing or insisting on the meds that he is. Can Risperidone or Abilify be prescribed as PRN’s or as needed? The first I have heard it. Have you abused benzo’s in the past? Maybe most AP’s have a chance of raising your blood sugar? From his point of view raising your blood sugar may be better then some of the other risks that you are willing to take. Either way you should do your best to ask him to better explain what he is doing and why. You have the right to know.

Nope, never abused benzos; quite the opposite infact, I hate that they mess with my concentration and memory (which is already bad enough from the SZ). I do take ativan as needed when I go to see family or to appointments and stuff though I only take it if I will really need it. Benzos are designed to be an as-needed drug, unlike APs I guess.

I’ll send him an email to tell him that I’m not OK with the risk of high blood sugar and see what he says. I don’t want to piss him off by seeming like I think I know better than him though. I’ll just say I’m 100% against the Risperidone and go from there.