Appointment tomorrow

Not looking forward to it. Can see myself being chided for not taking up with the Richmond fellowship and not seeing about the therapy company she told me about . It’s CBT based which I am not keen on at it tends to invalidate personal experiences.
Will no doubt be asked the same questions I invariably get asked . Would like to seek help for the social interaction difficulties and social skills deficit but these are things they have avoided helping with and previously pressing for help and support got me a name like mud.


Same here. Got an appointment tomorrow, soo not looking for it. Other than meds I never really got something out of a therapy.
I think its more like a sign table that warns me to get my ■■■■ together. …at least for a day.But my pdoc is a goddess of pinpointing the right medication.
I need some mood so I think im gonna ask her for some zoloft tommorow.

Wish you luck firemonkey

Thanks,I hope yours goes ok.

best of luck 4 ur appointment…

I think what doesn’t help is that the main issues I have don’t come up for discussion. It’s like there’s a set formula for the appointment (ask about depression, ask delusion/hallucination questions) and that’s it. Negative symptoms and social symptoms don’t get a look in.


The weirdest moment is when I walk out of ordination and realizing that I have no clue what she told me.
Mostly im just talking and envying her for having her ■■■■ together.

I was jealous of one of the social workers. She is married and a Liberal, which is rare in the south (at least in my mind).

I have an appointment tomorrow as well. This will be my transition appointment, because I am moving.

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good luck :four_leaf_clover:
take care :alien:

Well, I missed my appointment. I simply didn’t go. Didn’t have a courage and a justification for what im doing.
Thats me, an escapist, a runner.
:running: :hospital:

@Sarad. I’m touch and go about mine. It’s not as though something constructive will come out of it. It’s not as though the system has much to offer for the chronically mentally ill especially when your problems are predominantly, but not exclusively, social.

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Yeah, they are too clean to hit the rock bottom.Hope your thing goes better :confused:

Went to the appointment in the end. It was quite a long one. The main topic of conversation was getting me out of the flat more. Have been given details for a Tuesday drop in that’s within my comfort zone . Tried talking about the social interaction difficulties but she insisted because I had been married for nearly 19 years I had no problems with relationships. This contrasts with the pdoc previously saying I had very poor social skills. She wasn’t rude on this issue but tended to play it down. She said I was an introverted ,introspective type and would never be the life and soul of the party and that social skills wouldn’t change that(but there are other things social skills support might have helped with in my opinion)
Had a good talk about the medication- effects and side effects. Said it helped with weird thoughts,paranoia(not reacting so much when I felt paranoid/threatened ) and having lots of things unconnected to main train of thought entering my head( she mentioned the words thought disorder and that a purpose of medication is to help you think more clearly) but not with drive and motivation. She said that tended to be the case that the medication helped with what they call positive symptoms but not necessarily with the negative ones.
Also she asked about mood. Said I wasn’t sure about depression because I didn’t feel overtly sad and tearful but tended to feel hopeless and worthless.
Finally she took my blood pressure(126/76) and weight. Weight was in kgs(108.6) so I had to convert it to lbs when I got in. In the space of about a month I’ve gone from about 258 lbs to 240 without making a conscious effort to diet.
I didn’t mention about the learning difficulties because she kept saying how intelligent I was and that tends to make them dismissive that you have a problem in that area.


Seems like it was quite a constructive conversation after all.

It was better than I expected. She was a little dismissive re the social interaction difficulties but otherwise supportive.

Maybe that was some kind of her tactics.
like replacing a negative thought with the positive one…

You might be right. She was trying to put a positive slant on things.

The mention of the drop in is frustrating. She gave the road(Clarence) but not what number. Said it was at SAVS but SAVS are at Alexandra street.
Have done a google for drop ins in Clarence road and nothing turns up.

**Glad you went @firemonkey!
Even though it was a pain-you went anyway. And some good came of it. You just never know-sometimes it`s very worth it.
Call them to give you the phone# to SAVS :taxi: **