Applying to College

Should I use my battle with schizophrenia to my advantage in a college application to a prestigious university when I am not quite academically qualified due to said struggle?

I’ve had some college since I graduated high school and i failed a whole semester right away and since then I’ve withdrew from a few courses due to mental hospital stays but otherawise I have all A’s and b’s approx. 32 credits


You should do everything is in you advantage. Dont be shy because the battle with schizophrenia is a hard battle…

Here is a thread discussing college applications for people with schizophrenia: some say it’s not a good idea and some say it can help. I tried my best to hide schizophrenia when applying to graduate programs but some still rejected me for “being weird” at the interview.

I did not know that they refused your mental illness. When I enrolled in the college, I told them that they would get a boost from the college psychologist at the beginning of the year (from stress)If they had rejected my admission to college because of the illness, they would have been subject to legal action

I’m also weighing rather I should put that I’m schizophrenic on a law school entrance paper.

I think it would work if you put at the end that you can make it through because x. Also thinking about mentioning Elyn Saks in my paper as an example of a schizophrenic who made it through.

I definitely wouldn’t put something about you stressing out easily and having no motivation.

Make it a story of triumph – make them cry at the beginning then show them triumph at the end.

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I wouldn’t talk about something like explaining away your grades on a college app anyways. Stick to something light. I went to a prestigious high school and college. Being mentally ill isn’t going to work in your favor in any way.

After I read the forums I’m even less sure it would be a good idea.

I think it could help you!

I’ve been to three different community colleges. All three had services for mentally and physically disabled students. They do a range of service including registering for your classes in their office so you don’t have to stand in line at Admissions & Records to get the class you want. In fact, when I used their services I got priority to register for the classes I wanted. I got first pick of all the classes I wanted over all the other students soI didn’t have to worry if the class was full…

They also paid all my fees for registering. The first year I went back to college, they even payed my fees for the units. So each unit usually cost about $60 or $70 way back then and they paid for that. I don’t know if any college does that anymore. The disabled services can also arrange for special accommodations like letting you take tests by yourself in a room and extending the time that I have to take them.

So if the teacher tells us that we have two hours to take a final, I would get three hours.Anyways, it wouldn’t hurt for you to see if the college you want to get in does this.