Applying for work at the big hole in the ground

there is this place a few miles down river. it’s hiring, 2nd shift, im applying. you got to see it, it’s like a free market economist’s dream. A big ■■■■■■ hole in the ground. they do gravel…big ass barges come up river in pursuit of resources that elude them from far off places that get to keep their charm in take.

anyways they need a general laborer, I have to drive a skid-steer

it pays pretty good, and 2nd shift is my natural awake time anyways. I think I almost feel criminal, the ■■■■ people will do for money. When you see a big hole in the ground, you think surely your smarter than that…but alas I gotta do what I gotta do.


Good job boog


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I hope you get the job. Good luck!

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Some holes are better than others. Go get that honeypot.


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