Applying for disability in the UK (PIP). Do you think I qualify?

I am not on disability or any other sort of benefit. I don’t qualify for Disability Living Allowence but I’m not sure about PIP. I will get a form and need to attend an interview of some sort.

You may get the daily living component of PIP if you need help with things like:

preparing or eating food
washing, bathing and using the toilet
dressing and undressing
reading and communicating
managing your medicines or treatments
making decisions about money
engaging with other people

I think I qualify and here are a few reasons. So I don’t cook because I have no motivation often times after I come home from work. My mother has to manage my medications, put them in a box for each day and reminds me because I often don’t want to and don’t like taking them. My parents have to help me make decisions about my money since I have a tendency to overspend. And as for engaging with other people, social situations tire me to no end.

I will still be working of course but I could do with a little help.

I am very doubtful I will qualify for this. I am currently on high rate care and low mobility for DLA. I very much doubt I’ll meet the criteria for high rate PIP.

They say that at least 20% on DLA already will fail PIP and that out of those who manage to get the new benefit most will be worse off.
Essentially it’s a means for the uncivilised barbarians running the country to deliberately make many disabled people worse off (very worse off in many cases).

I hope you are one of the lucky ones and are successful with a claim.

How I will be answering :
I burn toast, so badly that I break the toaster then try to grill toast and it sets off the fire alarm because I’ve been to sleep.while waiting for the toast incapable of making food for myself throwing up everything 15 times a day with Bulimia and eating sweets and throwing them upto the extent that I need injectable meds and not be trusted with oral meds just because I want to be thin
Washing bathing and using the toilet… I have a half hour long cold shower three times a day to look at my body temperature I wrapped myself in blankets after that and stay coldgiving myself a moderate hypothermia.I also take ice baths.
I drink so much water that I risk over hydrating myself and dying this one is called psychogenic polydipsia and needs to be managed as an impatient with being weighed all the time this one is as a result of chronic schizophrenia
and insert things into my anus where I need people to check it hasn’t gone all the way up into my body
Dressing and undressing …
I put on work clothes and go to the job centre where I can’t even do much except look at a screen I shop in the children’s department because I can’t figure out that it is the children’s department I just assume that I have put on weight I wear a skirt or top that I made with hand-painted grim reapers and Buddhas all over it for example or a butterfly clock and go out like that… I also run away in no underwear or shoes for a few days in the middle of town while getting sunburnt begging and shouting at strangers
I wet my clothes like my jacket in the middle of winter again trying to lower my body temperature
Reading and communicating…
Rather than Reading I scribble porn all over the Harry Potter book for example completely unreadable writing over myself over and over again I love uncontrollably rather than being able to listen to what somebody is saying to me I can’t concentrate enough to read because I forget the sentence before I’ve finished it and instead get caught up in the fantasy world of the booki’m silent four hours thinking I am communicating with people in my mind and I’m confused when people say you’re very quiet for example
Managing my medicines… Like I said with the Bulimia I am not trustable to take any medication by myself I am also sometimes non-compliant which is a separate thing the bulimia is just to lose weight
making decisions about money… I take out a mortgage on my house and try to get to India wgile staying in a B and B in the middle of London I buy a caravan because I want to live in a caravan

Anyway, this is the kind of stuff that you need to put on the form you are talking to them as though it is you’re very worst day that is how you need to answer the form.if you go to a voluntary advice bureau of some sort they might be able to help you answer like this and you should qualify
Actually I think it’s the citizens advice bureau you need to speak to you then you need to tell them that you are in capable of filling out the form because you don’t understand the questions and that your partner mother whoever also can’t understand the questions in order to be able to help you

good luck with it guys :+1:

hope you get it

my doctor put me at ease about it and basically said they will do everything they can to help, i brought it up at my last appointment and it really helped take some of that worry away.

honestly ish i don’t think you’ll get it as you are capable of and do work full time.

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Probably right. However it’s not the same as Esa.

There are a fair number of people on DLA that do work. However I do agree that with the replacement,PIP, it will probably be harder to work and make a successful claim.
A lot of people with mental illness are going to see big drops in income which of course will result in increased stress trying to cope and an extra burden on already inadequate mental health services.
The long term effect will end up costing far more money than it saves in bullying and terrorising the disabled.

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