Has anyone else’s hallucinations ever turned on electrical appliances?

Mine turns on my PlayStation, lights a film on my shelf, I put it in, am sent to scene select usually and it lights up a scene for me to watch so I can gain meaning from it.


All this shiit your desribing. The predictions on the internet, the economics info is all weird shiit. If i were you id believe these voices were real people messing with me seeing as they are giving you ‘new’ information.

I believe the same shiit will happen me some day when the vooces come back. I would like you to open your mind to a rationalisation which suits the present world and logic. The voices are distracting you from that with all this new information, thats their job to make you obsess over it and ssnd you down the rabbit whole but i believe theres a logical explanation only your too shocked with these predictions to see it. Say it was all real and these voices were real people they would never give you superpowers which could prove they are real theyll always leave doubt of their validty which makes you question your own sanity. My soloution is this, ask them a series of question…and dont let them suggest the question.

Randomly some day pick the population of a number of cities in some random country and ask the voices if they know the answers or the population, theyll give you answers but they wont be right because you dont know the answer. If that dosent work just ask question sfter question of random things that you dont know or have studied and ask the voices if they know the answer. If they are right one time out of ten just question it (which i know you cant now) and know that there is a possibility you have seen that answer before.

If they are right all the time or you believe it was sll the time (because remember we have confirmation bias so we forget times they were wrong due to the adrenaline of getting a right answer) keep asking questions. Question everything and dont jump to conclusions about the voices.

Also are you on meds??

I’ve done all that already and I don’t have confirmation bias. I set out to prove them wrong not right…

Nope I’m not on meds. They never helped me all they did was ruin my sex drive.

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Ok. What type of questions did you ask?

I asked one question:

“Stop messing me about and prove your real.”

It did so 16 hours a day for a week.

I simply couldn’t have known when I would get alerts or what time a friend would be online for instance.

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Possibly making predictions subconciously, my voices could see five seconds ahead. Thats how they know. The longer ones were just good guesses

Telling me in the morning my friend would be online at 10.50pm in the night.

Some guess…

Economics info
Your freind being online

Are these the only weird things?

I’ll give you a billion dollars if you turn on an appliance by just looking at it lol


You can turn on your cellphone just by looking at it, its a feature of some phones :stuck_out_tongue:

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Sadly, no. I had to spend a fortune on home automation to do this.

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I mean a 1950s stove :smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley:


Actually I have this wearable computer interface at home. It would freak you out lol. In the demo app you can change Channels and pause or turn volume up or down by just looking at a small triangle icon on the screen.


I know someone who has a Land Rover that closes and open windows etc just with hand gestures in the air.

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Yeah sensor technology is progressing

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I try not to talk about that type of technology here as it can be triggering for people

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Yea in this case its different, thers sensors but with psychosis thers no sensors, its all a sick brain that needs working meds.


I don’t turn on appliances.

My hallucination can manipulate electrics.

I’m just an average bloke…

Sometimes its annoying cos I’m watching TV and it keeps turning on my games console to show me something.

So if I just have a sick brain how is my hallucination able to open pictures on the internet for me to look at?

That’s annoying to because at the time I’m trying to bloody read something…

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